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Studentjob: Developer for NGO websites and services

Our portfolio of Not-for-Profit clients are growing, so we need a talented and passionate person who wants to make a difference through tech

Job description

The primary goal is to integrate your coding skills into several projects with existing and new clients. We develop great custom websites and services to NGO’s by maintaining our own “framework” on top of WordPress. You will both make websites through this framework as well as adding new features and finetuning the framework.

The secondary goal is to provide enhanced support for our existing clients. This includes some regular helpdesk activities such as answering questions and providing help. However the purpose is to help our clients succeed by proactively suggesting changes and upgrades to their websites.

This has the added benefit that it will help you familiarise yourself with our clients, our design and code.

We expect you to be able to add new knowledge to our company and help build your future workplace. If you do well, we fully intend to hire you fully after graduation.

Technical skills and interests

  • Programming (PHP, JS, HTML and CSS – within a wordpress context).
    We expect you to love programming, but not to be left alone. You will be part of discussions about products, websites and their design – giving us your perspective as a developer.
  • Entrepreneurship – We are a small growing company, where you will be a big part of its success. This has to appeal to you.
  • Danish  language (you do not need to speak Danish fluently but some understanding is necessary)


  • Work hours:  At least 10 hours a week.
  • Salery: As per qualifications.
  • Lunch is on us – everyday.
  • Work mostly from our offices – right next to ITU, Amager.
  • We accept both Danish and English applications.
  • ITU, DTU student with at least 1 year left (or similar).

Who we are

We help NGO’s succeed through effective digital solutions. Our primary product is websites based on WordPress and our own framework. We also offer a tool for online fundraising through www.onlinefundraising.dk.

Our clients include:

How to apply

if you have any questions do not hesitate to email Stephan at stephan@flowtwo.com or call 29929931. When ready, simply apply but pressing the button below and filling out the form.

When to apply

We interview relevant candidates as they come in until we find the right person, so do not postpone to apply for long.

Apply Now

Stephans værktøjskasse har altid bestået af digitale hammere og kommunikative søm. Hans bidrag til det nødhjælpsarbejde og kirkelige projekter han deltager i, er derfor oftest digital kommunikation.